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The best cheap laptops you don't have to wait a month for

Sep 27th 2020, 6:54 am
Posted by sanforddal
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Looking for the best laptop under $500 for Windows or  (aka a Chromebook)? The supply of cheap notebooks is drying up again. It looks like it's hitting parents that their kids aren't going back to school, so cheap laptop supplies are beginning to look as volatile as they did at the height of the initial coronavirus-induced work-from-home rush, when PC and accessory sales spiked. The grim reality of unprecedented job losses keeps the demand https://eyewearandgadgets.com for a budget laptop and other ultracheap hardware strong. 

Prices have also gone up for laptops that are in stock, and price gouging remains an issue.

Here's a list of laptops that are available for under $500 and that should ship within at least 10 days. I'll try to keep this list current, but please don't hate me if it gets out of date. Some online shopping sites make it impossible to figure out what's in stock and what's not -- not just for tech, but for everything -- as well as what can be shipped to you in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind, though, that availability and shipping times may depend on where you live. I live in New York, so my recommendations may be based on a best- (or worst) case scenario.

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